Symptoms of allergy

What are the main allergy symptoms?

Symptoms of allergyThe allergy can manifest in different forms:

The allergy may also be responsible for serious events that may jeopardize the life of the person affected as in angioedema (see urticaria ) or anaphylactic shock .

An allergen for a symptom?

The same allergen may give different symptoms in two individuals but also in two episodes in the same person.

And a cat allergy can give in a first allergic reaction, urticaria, in subsequent reactions allergic rhinitis and after a few years can declare allergic asthma.

Symptomatic treatments

Some act on symptomatic treatment most of the symptoms of allergy. This is particularly the case antihistamines which act both hives allergic rhinitis or allergic conjunctivitis

Symptomatic treatments only act on the signs of the disease, they do not treat the cause.

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